Home Technology Gadgets Amazon launches the lightest e-reader “Kindle Voyage”

The new “kindle voyage” released by Amazon is the next generation reader which feels like a “real” paper. It is available for the preorder and will be shipped in the October. It is sold for $199 and justifies the cost with its amazing feature. This includes the High-resolution 300 ppi display which gives a “printed page” feel for the readers. The re-imagined page turns makes you to turn the page without lifting the finger. The new adaptive front light feature gives the ideal brightness, day or night. Kindle Voyage is the thinnest E- reader ever (7.6 mm).

The kindle software features has also picked up from the previous setbacks. The new software features such as WordWise helps the students to easily understand the vocabularies.The more important feature of the “Voyage” is the battery life. While the other tablets and e-readers are struggling to stand till 10 hours, Voyage promises to keep up the battery till 6 weeks! Amazon has integrated its social reading platform “Goodreads” to add readers’ books to the Goodreads shelf and share the reading habit with their friends.

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